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What's new in iMeetingX 2?

Get a boost with the redesigned task list in iMeetingX 2

The task list in iMeetingX 2 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up – with a clear structure and powerful new features.

Assign tasks to your agenda

With this great feature, tasks can be grouped by entry type or by agenda item in the meeting minutes option.

Assign unlimited attachments to each task

Task attachments in iMeetingX 2 allows relevant files to be stored in a specified place and offers additional task information. iMeetingX can also automatically add files to your meeting minutes when sent by email.

Improved report customization

Customizing the appearance of invitations, meeting minutes and lists is now easier than ever. The appearance settings, such as header, footer, colors, fonts, etc. need only to be set once via the initiate option. And best of all, this can be achieved by simply ticking boxes.

New smart lists

Smart lists are a true productivity booster. They provide a more thorough overview of how tasks are viewed, managed and completed. A smart list essentially allows tasks to be monitored, filtered and viewed by nearly any set of identified task attributes. iMeetingX already comes with a set of pre-defined smart lists, but new lists can be created as required.

iMeetingX 2 is now available for Windows and Mac

After purchasing a license from our online store, the platform-specific application can be simply downloaded: the same license file will activate iMeetingX. You can also switch between platforms at any time without incurring extra costs.
Note, iMeetingX purchased from an App Store is platform-specific and cannot be used on multiple platforms!

Integrated task change-log

The new change-log in iMeetingX 2 shows all changes that have been made to a task in your project.

CSV file export

With the new CSV file export, files can be easily exchanged with many other applications, such as iTaskX, Excel, FileMaker, Numbers, etc.

Customizable application language

With iMeetingX, the application language can be selected, and is independent of the operating system language.

Microsoft Outlook support

With iMeetingX 2, meeting invitations and minutes can be sent using Microsoft Outlook on Mac and Windows.

It’s impossible to list all new features but if you want to try them all, download the Free iMeetingX Trial.

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